My New Favorite MLB Shirts — They’re Great!

1 year agoI cannot speak to these as NBA shirts, but they are my hands-down favorite workout shirts, and I’m ordering 2 more packs right now.

The fit is very nice — close to the body without being tight or form fitting. For cheap Scotland jerseys reference, I’m 5’8», about a 31 waist, average-a little extra build. I ordered a medium. This material is perfect for working out.

When going for long runs or playing basketball for several hours, I used to use the free, rough cotton t-shirts I would get in college and high school, at charity events, etc. However, these are never made of super nice material, and often irritate the skin. I switched to some of the «nicer» athletic/jersey materials, and found a similar problem. Although they were softer, they didn’t always feel good against the skin. This material is soft, breathable cotton, that does a good job of wicking me sweat and keeping me dry. (For long distance runners out there — these are great if you experience nipple chaffing when running 6+ miles. Sorry to everyone else who had to read that haha).

In terms of fit, as I mentioned above — they stay close to the body, so they don’t look baggy, while still giving some breathing room. The sleeves hit the right length, mid bicep, which is perfect when when lifting and try to clandestinely look at your arms and check them out in between sets. Note that they DO shrink quite a bit in the wash!

I ordered these in Navy Blue, I’m now getting 2 in white and 2 in black to work out in as well. Seriously, get these for work out shirts, you won’t be disappointed.

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