Learn Something New From Audit Lately? We Requested, You Answered!

In Washington, SB 2406 allows local election officials to choose one of three audit methods, an RLA being one. In 2018, California passed AB 2125, which allows local jurisdictions to choose to conduct a RLA. Lawmakers passed and Republican Gov. Grove and 63 other state lawmakers previously urged members of Congress to block Pa.’s electoral votes from going to Joe Biden, who won the state by more than 80,000 votes. 2012 may bring more legislation to restrict pre-Election Day voting because of administrative and/or cost concerns, or partisan lines. Perhaps accounting for some of the lack of voter excitement (and further undermining any claim of a policy mandate), much of Ma’s campaign-and a significant part of Tsai’s-was about why voting for the opposing candidate was a bad, even dangerous, idea. But the voting proposals in New Hampshire have not made the same national waves as restrictive voting bills in states like Georgia, Arizona and Texas — states with much closer 2020 results and more electoral votes at stake.

New Hampshire, while crucial in the presidential nominating process due to its status as the first-in-the-nation primary state, was not a major prize in the 2020 general election: Biden won the state’s four electoral votes by 7 percentage points, drawing nearly 60,000 more votes than Trump in a state where about 800,000 ballots were cast, on his way to a 306-to-232 electoral vote victory. That recount, conducted in mid-November, revealed an alarming result: The four Republicans should have each had about 300 more votes, and St. Laurent should have received 99 less votes. A recount was first asked for by St. Laurent and the audit later gained support from both parties. After that November recount, four Republicans gained between 297 and 303 votes each, while three Democrats gained between 18 and 28 votes each, NHPR reported last year. While these audits are not new, they have gained attention in the last three years as election security has come to the policy foreground. Ballots are being evaluated according to varying standards depending on which workers are doing it and when. Because the folds on some ballots went through a Democrats name, the ballot was either not counted or a vote was wrongly given to the Democrat,» the NBC report added (emphasis added).

Townsend said she informed GOP leadership that she will no longer vote for any election legislation until after Senate Republicans complete an audit and hand recount of the 2020 general election in Maricopa County, Arizona’s largest county. 6. We are no longer allowing posts or threads that deny the existence of Covid-19. In 2019, Indiana SB 405 and Georgia HB 316 enacted legislation allowing RLA pilot programs to be conducted by selected local jurisdictions. Between Election Audit Day November 3 and December 14, Secretary of State Raffensperger resisted calls for a statewide audit of the signatures on the 1.3 absentee ballots counted (out of 5 million total cast), despite a Georgia Star News report that a new absentee ballot signature verification process introduced by Raffensperger in an Official Election Audit Bulletin issued as part of a March 2020 consent decree with the Georgia Democratic Party was both unlawful and enhanced the possibility of voter fraud.

Auditors have counted about 500,000 ballots so far, just under a quarter of the total cast in Maricopa County last year. Maricopa County in Arizona recently released reports by two vendors who conducted election audits in early February. «If a voter didn’t fill in the bubble for their preferred candidate correctly, a machine might not interpret that as a valid vote — but a person looking at the same ballot would likely catch that mark and recognize the voter’s intent,» NHPR reports. That folding machine, auditors say, has normally been used to fold car registration documents, reports WMUR. The auditors are expected to release a full report in July. What’s missing from this list are the specific records and related data that were used to count the presidential election’s votes in Maricopa County-in addition to the paper ballots, the digital ballot image files of every paper ballot cast, and activity logs from the scanners processing those ballots and tabulating the votes. Windham believe a folding machine used by the town to try to accommodate the numbers of absentee ballots in the November election is responsible for mistakenly adding to vote counts for candidates in four legislative seats,» NBC Boston reported.

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