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«It makes no sense for the AG’s office who has been fighting the audit effort to take control of the machines in order to do the audit. Governor Phil Murphy’s Executive Order 177, dated August 14th (in the 245th year of the Independence of the United States) outlines the many emergency procedures that will accommodate this year’s election to the pandemic. On August 27, 2020, Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill (AB) 2400 (Quirk, 2020) to make changes to the Risk Limiting Audits pilot program created by AB 2125 (Quirk, 2018). AB 2400 permits a county to conduct a risk-limiting audit on one or more contests fully contained in the county rather than all contests held in the county as was required under AB 2125; deletes the AB 2125 requirement to conduct partial risk-limiting audits for each cross-jurisdictional contest; and extends the sunset date of the pilot program from January 1, 2021 to January 1, 2023. These changes address concerns with AB 2125 raised by the working group the Secretary of State convened pursuant to AB 2125 and allows counties to participate in the pilot program without risking a full hand count.

The Republican-led board of supervisors has already certified the election results and deemed its own additional audits sufficient. The citizens and the Windham Board want those ballots returned. «We have another election taking place on March 9. The citizens have a right to know whether or not their votes are actually being properly counted. Strang has joined forces with citizens like Eyring and political leaders like Giuda to force the issue. Dr. Strang became involved as a citizen activist in this process after viewing overall election day results throughout New hampshire. We are not accusing Dominion of anything.» According to Gateway Pundit, these types of machines are used to tally approximately 85% of New Hampshire votes. The State of New Hampshire authorized a full forensic audit. David Argall, a Republican who chairs the Pennsylvania Senate’s State Government Committee, told The Epoch Times in an emailed statement. Because Republicans control the Pennsylvania Legislature, the state Senate’s State Government Committee has seven Republicans and four Democrats. Windham’s initial tally for District 7 found that Republicans won four out of four available seats, but that Republican candidate Julius Soti had defeated fifth-place Democrat Kristi St. Laurent by only 24 votes.

Each ballot is certified by three people, he said, so it is impossible for one person to meddle with the tally. As was the case throughout New Hampshire, it relied on AccuVote machines to collect and tally its 2020 votes. LANSING, Mich. — A statewide election audit confirmed that Michigan’s vote-counting machines are accurate, according to Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. Supreme Court is poised to take up a major voting rights dispute Tuesday that poses a crucial test of the court’s new conservative tilt, as states weigh expansive changes to Election Audit procedures that would restrict voting access. There is dispute amongst NH legal experts as to whether or not the current law governing election integrity in New Hampshire, referenced under RSA 7:6-C, gives the Attorney General the authority, to perform an audit. The Democrats who sought the audit in the first place remain skeptical that the Trumpists will be able to derail the current plans. Doug Mastriano or Cris Dush, who recently returned from touring the forensic audit taking place in Maricopa County, Arizona. At the end of January, the Maricopa County supervisors voted to hire «two independent companies to conduct an audit that will examine again whether the machines counted votes properly, whether they were hacked or tampered with, Election Audit and whether the county used proper procedures when leasing its machines from Dominion Voting Systems,» according to AZ Central report.

Bachmann promoted the conference and touted The Gateway Pundit’s central role on a March 17prayer call hosted by religious-right activists Jim Garlow and Mario Murillo. Garlow and Murillo have hosted a series of prayer calls since the election that promoted stolen election claims and fervent prayers and prophecies that God would intervene before Inauguration Day to miraculously keep Trump in power. The ongoing audit in Arizona has helped fuel more claims of conspiracy from Trump and his followers. In the face of critics who claim that the Maricopa County audit is being conducted by «conspiracy theorists,» Logan has insisted that his personal views are irrelevant to the Maricopa County audit. Right now the ballots in question are being held in Concord. In a 7-2 decision, SCOTUS found implementing the Florida high court’s plan would have violated the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause, due to different standards being applied from county to county in what votes were counted. In 2020, President Joe Biden won the county by about 45,100 votes, or 2.2 percent of the vote. «Maricopa County has refused to provide the passwords necessary to access vote tabulation devices,» she wrote. If they get about 340,000 signatures, the legislature can vote on the petition initiative and a simple majority can approve it without the governor’s signature.

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