An excellent Election Audit Is…

There have been indications that the audit is being shaped by MAGAland’s bonkers conspiracy theories, including an analysis of the ballots looking for bamboo fibers, a recognition of one conspiracy theory claiming that tens of thousands of ballots were shipped in from Asia. If voter registration data were to be manipulated, states have several safeguards in place to enable voters to vote, Election Audit including offline backups of registration data, provisional ballots, and in several states, same-day registration. It is illegal to canvass for votes or distribute voting material within 100 metres of a polling place. Other missing votes in places like Fayette and Douglas were the results of human error as staff failed to upload a memory card, leaving thousands of votes unreported. Volunteers and paid staff are racing through ballots, raising the potential for human error. The ongoing audit of the 2020 election in Arizona has the state’s Republican leaders at each other’s throats and their disputes over the process are raising doubts about the outcome of the high-tech recount. If a recount is conducted, the post-election audit must be completed no later than 14 days after certification of recount results. «Republicans must fight hard and win! Representatives are limited to no more than four consecutive terms.

Existing members could not have their six-year terms cut short, and the eventual compromise saw the seat of Murchison with two sitting MLCs for a period while the election in the new seat of Rumney was deferred. Labor’s sitting MLC Doug Parkinson is retiring, and with former Hobart Lord Mayor Rob Valentine the highest profile in a six-candidate field, Labor could be reduced to just one seat in the Legislative Council, Hobart set to be the Labor Party’s third Legislative Council defeat in three years. He said that the State hasn’t progressed in the last 20 years and corruption and goondaism have increased. Since the 1999 changes, six year-terms have been retained with two or three electorates going to the polls in alternating years. Over the last two years, 48 states have adopted the voluntary common core state standards. Two assessment consortia are now working with the states to design new tests that link to the new standards. This includes finalizing the design of the new standards, making sure teachers are trained and ready to teach to the new standards, and incorporating new tests into current state accountability systems. As with Hare-Clark elections, there are restrictions on how-to-vote cards. In Tasmania, the House of Assembly is elected using the Hare-Clark system of proportional representation, while it is the Legislative Council that is elected using preferential voting in single member electorates.

House passed HR 1, a bill that would result in universal mail-in voting across America, is a testament to this fact. The Council consisted of 15 members from 1856 to 1871, increased to 16 in 1871, 18 in 1885 and 19 in 1898. The Council was reduced to 18 members 1907-47, increased to 19 members 1947-99, and reduced to 15 members in 1999, this last change introduced at the same time as the House of Assembly was reduced from 35 to 25. In the 19 member period, three Council electorates went to the polls each year, except for every sixth year when four elections were held. The non-mainstream Georgia Star News reported on March 16 that Henry County Judge Brian Amero conditionally granted members of the VoteGA coalition the right to unseal ballots from last November’s presidential election in Fulton County, and inspect those ballots for evidence of voter fraud. Routers weren’t secure and may have been used to allow access to a network of county offices.

New natural gas discoveries have been a game changer for the industry, lowering prices and adding stability. This has led to more construction of natural gas plants and some displacement of coal with natural gas. States are working to develop adequate regulations to protect the environment given the explosion in natural gas extraction. Aimed at protecting public health and environmental quality, new clean air and clean water rules will force significant changes by coal, natural gas and nuclear power providers. State legislators will have much to do to prepare for implementing the new standards and assessments. Congress passed the Food Safety Modernization Act in January 2011, which enhances the nation’s food safety regimen, much of which is done by states. Still, Fann appeared to spend much more time placating outraged constituents and fielding baseless speculation about a supposedly rigged election. Jonathan Brater: We chose a school election that goes across multiple counties because it sort of helps us scale up to doing it eventually state-wide. In other states, Legislative Council elections were originally organised as state-wide polls for half or one-third of the chamber, where Tasmania has always used a rolling six-year cycle of individual elections.

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