4 Election Audits Errors You need to Never Make

The Windham audit livestream was off again from 6:30 — 8:30 this morning. They set up an independent livestream and the count is open to outside observers as well as the media. And he apologized for the livestream dropping out one evening but insisted they had gone to lengths to ensure the building had remained secure. But when it came time to choose the auditors, partisan tensions broke out. The Clarion-Ledger and AP both reached out to Favre and his representatives on Monday and did not immediately receive a response. ABC15 has reached out to Ken Bennett for comment. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who has argued in favor of the overall legitimacy of Biden’s win in Georgia, has nevertheless come out in favor of the voter-led effort. Eyring said he would like to see a full statewide audit, even if that means pushing the state legislature to subpoena election materials similar to what was done in Arizona. That kicked off an effort in the state legislature to authorize an audit in Windham. Get the Facts: State and Federal laws prohibit voter impersonation, including casting a ballot on behalf of a deceased individual. Republican candidates and the ballot happened to have its fold line going through St. Laurent’s target, then that might be interpreted by the machines as an overvote, which would then subtract votes from each of those four Republican candidates,» said Philip Stark, another member of the three-person audit team, according to a WMUR 9 report last week.

St. Laurent’s vote total fell by 99, while the four Republicans who had won the state representative seats saw theirs rise by roughly 300 votes. After extensive research, we were unable to identify any relevant information on state official websites. There will be more AUDIT-of-Election Audit information as it becomes available. Simon self-published a book, Code Red, which he continued to update with information from subsequent elections. UncoverDC will continue to update as this story evolves. If we have no confidence in our elections, we will become a Banana Republic. May 6: Efforts to recruit people to recount ballots appears targeted in part at traditionally conservative groups — and some of the recruiters themselves have far-right political ties. Even jurisdictions that hand-count all ballots should carry out post-election audits, as the counting process can be mired in human error. To guide its support to states and local Election Audit jurisdictions for the 2020 elections, CISA reported that it is developing strategic and operations plans.

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Local resident Lisa Mazur confronts the auditors about it and much more! PS. Lisa recently became a US citizen! According to Todd and the others on the live video, it seems feasible that Harri Hursti and the other auditors are covering up for whoever tampered with the machines by setting the machines back to Nov. 3 and clearing memory cards. Officials initially projected that the audit would be completed by May 14, but given its current pace, the date was pushed back to August. Background — The people on the ground in Windham, New Hampshire, are doing an excellent job holding the election officials and auditors accountable to the people during this forensic ballot audit. The results puzzled election officials. Hursti said auditors have looked at the results for two additional races as well and, so far, there’s no indication the ballot issue in Windham’s roughly 10,000-vote election impacted races beyond the one for state representative. Enter State Senator, Sonny Borrelli who also is stating that the Maricopa County Supervisors are acting guilty. Dr. David Strang M.D., is the Belknap County Republican Committee State Committee Member, with the New Hampshire GOP.

Dr. Strang believes the state has a huge problem on its hands. On Sunday Dr. Strang examined the latest results coming from the Windham, New Hampshire elections audit. Lewandowski said at an event flanked by conservatives who are pushing for an even broader audit in New Hampshire. Audit results in Windham, New Hampshire show voting machines consistently undercounting Republican vote tallies. The measure passed on a bipartisan basis and was signed by Republican Gov. «It has become so bizarre,» says Gates, a Republican member of the board, which helps run elections. Audit boards may be comprised of volunteers from the public and elections office staff. With many states expected to continue to cut both K-12 and higher education budgets in 2012, policy decisions at the federal level may affect state flexibility, state authority and state budgets. A town meeting in early May drew hundreds of attendees. Republicans in town are already insisting that a wider audit is needed to restore voters’ faith in their elections, a mantra nationwide for conservatives who have looked to impose new voter restrictions or conduct 2020 election postmortems.

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